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Of course, I do! I campaigned for Tootie. She is ethical and respects taxpayers and their money.

She is strait forward willing to go the extra mile to give us the knowledge of what these bills are about and who is involved,and should not be ! She has spoken on the waste of money being thrown away on frivolous entities that we could do ourselves and save

Tootie has long been an active and involved member of the community who genuinely cares about Oregon and her citizens. She will do an excellent job as Commission Chair and I strongly believe she will do what is best for the community and listen to what we want, regardless of

You are so amazing! I used to work for Verne and Dixie Reisch that owned Reisch Logging in Molalla back in the 80’s. I remember Dixie telling me what a great person you were during the Spotted Owl issue that we were all fighting for at that time. You all

Tootie is a smart woman with energy and courage. We need more like her.   See all Facebook Reviews here