Stuff people say about Tootie Smith

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She is always on top of the issues and will not let made up problems rule our state. She is for the Constitution and we’ll make sure you are represented correctly. See all Facebook Reviews here

Tenaciously driven to represent the real taxpayers in Oregon.   See all Facebook Reviews here  

Tootie Smith is our experienced and conservative candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner. Washington and Clackamas County wield great influence over Oregon legislators, as a huge part of Oregon budget comes from the taxes in these areas. Our commissioners can pull back some of that support if the current partisan nonsense

She’s honest. Not self-serving nor beholding to anyone or any organization. She WILL represent the people; not just giving lip-service. VOTE! See all Facebook Reviews here

We need big changes in Clackamas County and Tootie Smith can make those positive changes!