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We cannot find a better candidate. I’ve known Tootie and her family for years and she is the real deal. We support her and know she will work for all Clackamas county residents.  

Tootie was my Editor at the Pioneer years ago & we go back 35-plus years! She’s a hardworker & is working tirelessly to keep Oregonians informed about our political scene & happenings, especially in Salem & Clackamas County! I’m honored to call her my friend!

Tootie Smith I’m overwhelmed with how tricky our governor and super majority have been playing with their Oregon tax payers! Our trust in the political system, both on the federal level and state level, have certainly taken a beating. But, without those who can make a difference, such as yourself

She is a smart woman and hard working. She has been around the ropes a while and knows where the loose ends are buried. See all Facebook Reviews here